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While there is information on the web and in print about these disability designations, the information is often fragmented and can be confusing. There are times when you just need to talk to someone who has a clear understanding of how the process works from beginning to end. Or you may have already begun the process and need strategies to move your child forward. Rhonda Riggott Stevens knows the most direct path to securing the rights of a child with allergy and asthma using advocacy strategies that work.Rhonda Riggott Stevens, a professional educator, has helped many parents work through the Section 504 and IDEA processes successfully with their school districts. Parents, caregivers and educators have found Rhonda Riggott Stevens’ experience and insight into food allergy and asthma school management issues invaluable.

Consultations are available. This means that you may decide to consult on a one-time, ongoing, or as needed basis. Call today to arrange a convenient day and time. The education and support that you are looking for may be just a phone call away.