California Parent

I have known Rhonda since 2004, when the first large wave of food allergic children began entering the nation’s school systems. I personally benefited that year from her early research on advocacy strategies and disability law, leveraging Section 504 to create an extremely effective plan for my child, at a time when school administrators were completely uneducated as to the risks of food allergies and unprepared to contend with the situation. Since that time, I have watched Rhonda leverage her background as an educator, combined with her vast knowledge of 504 & IDEA law to design numerous successful outcomes for her clients. Those in the food allergic community who have been long-time advocates count Rhonda on the short list of this country’s most knowledgeable and effective advocates for those in need. Rhonda’s impact continues to be felt both by those families who benefit from her consultation, as well as by children who enjoy protection based on her significant legislative accomplishments in Connecticut.